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Wildlife Control in Washington DC

If wildlife like raccoons, bats, or squirrels have turned your yard into a zoo, Connor’s Pest Pros can help get your yard back. DIY wildlife control can be dangerous, and we don’t recommend it if you want to eliminate the problem where it started. All of our wild animal removal experts come equipped with specialized protective equipment and techniques that allow us to handle animals in the safest and most humane manner.

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Customized Service for the Best Results

Here at Connor’s Pest Pros, we pride ourselves on service that suits you. We work with you to adjust our wildlife control so it’s as convenient and effective as possible. Talk to your technician to see how we can work with your schedule and preferences for hassle-free service!

When you choose Connor’s for wildlife control in Washington DC, you can expect:

  • A free inspection that clues us into where critters are nesting and trafficking.
  • An explanation of findings and treatment options from your technician.
  • A tailored removal plan that fits your property and your needs.
  • Setting up traps in strategic locations to capture wildlife.
  • Follow-up visits to check traps and remove any caught animals.
  • Your yard and home to be free of critters!

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Simple Ways You Can Prevent Wildlife

NOVA boasts a variety of wild animals, which is great because it means we have thriving and healthy ecosystems. But when they get a little too comfortable with humans, problems begin to crop up. You can take simple steps to reduce the likelihood wildlife will choose your home as a source of food or shelter, such as:

  • Seal the exterior of your home, such as cracks in the foundation, holes around plumbing and gas pipes, etc., so that animals don’t make a den out of your home to raise young.
  • Keep pet food inside in sealed containers, and ensure pet feeding areas are clean.
  • Remove bird feeders when species like bears are spotted nearby.
  • Keep trash stored in locked containers (or inside a shed/garage), and only take it out to the curb the morning of trash pickup.
  • Don’t feed wild animals or they will become unnaturally comfortable with humans, potentially leading to bigger problems for you and your neighbors.
  • Use electric fencing to protect garden beds, crops, or beehives.
  • Trim back branches from your home so wildlife can’t use them to access and nest in your home.
  • Collect fallen fruit from trees so it doesn’t attract wild animals.
  • Communicate and collaborate with your neighbors to keep wild animals safely away from neighborhoods.

It is illegal in Virginia to trap and relocate wildlife unless you have a specific trapper’s license (which we have). Don’t run the risk of trouble with the law. If you need varmints gone, look to Connor’s for quality wildlife control in Washington DC.

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We know an emergency regarding wild animals can be stressful and you’ll want it resolved quickly. Our fast Same-Day Service means we’ll have one of our highly trained wildlife removal experts at your home to set up traps within hours. No need to wait for the relief you need. If you’re dealing with any wild animal that you want gone, call Connor’s now!

Your Satisfaction and Free Re-Treatments

We strive to deliver top-notch service that gets the job done right the first time. Our free re-servicing guarantee means that, if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll return to make it right and work with you until you are happy with a solution. 

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