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Bed Bug Treatment in the Washington DC Area

No home is impervious to bed bugs. They’re talented hitchhikers, often stealing rides into homes on suitcases, clothing, or used furniture. We specialize in bed bug prevention that gives you back a good night’s sleep and peace of mind. When you partner with Connor’s Pest Pros for bed bug treatment in DC, you can expect:

  • A professional inspection to determine the extent of an infestation in your home.
  • An explanation of our findings and treatment options so you’re in the loop.
  • Development of a custom treatment plan that matches your situation and schedule.
  • A combination of chemical and heat treatment that eradicates these insects regardless of their location or life stage
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you total peace of mind that we’ll be back should they return.

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Eliminating Bed Bugs Through Heat Treatment

Bed bug infestations can spread to every nook and cranny of your home if given enough time, which makes spot treating next to impossible. That’s why we rely on state-of-the-art heat treatment to get rid of these pests once and for all. 

Heat treatment works by:

  • Using specialized heaters to raise the temperature of your home to ~130 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Adults die once temperatures reach anything over 119 degrees, and eggs die at around 125 degrees.
  • Holding the temperatures in your home at this level for an hour or more so the heat reaches every inch of your home, killing bed bugs at every life stage no matter where they’re hiding.

Other benefits of heat treatment are that it reduces the number of chemicals needed to eradicate these insects, and requires minimal preparation on your part prior to treatment because the heat isn’t enough to damage most home belongings. We rely on heat treatment because it’s the most effective and least disruptive bed bug treatment method available.

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Satisfaction-Guaranteed Service For DC Bed Bug Services

We stand behind the work that we do. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, just give us a call and we’ll re-treat your home at no additional cost to you. That’s how our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you get what you pay for no matter what, and that includes our bed bug treatment in Washington DC!

Common Signs of Bed Bugs

While these pests do leave bites on the skin, so do other insects like mosquitoes and chiggers, which can mislead you to think you have a bed bug infestation when you don’t. The best way to determine if they are active in your home is to rely on physical signs such as:

  • Small rust-red stains on sheets, bedding, and mattress.
  • Dark dots of fecal matter about the size of a pen point. 
  • Eggs about 1 millimeter in size.
  • Live bed bugs, about the size of apple seeds.

They often hide anywhere that gives a bit of cover, such as near the seams of a mattress, near the mattress tag, or by the frame of your bed. Beyond the bed, they often tuck away between cushions of furniture, behind outlet covers, and under wallpaper. 

The longer an infestation persists, the more widespread it becomes and the more difficult it is to remove. If you think you have a problem with these pests, reach out to Connor’s Pest Pros right away for a professional bed bug inspection!

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Dealing with bugs or rodents can ruin your day-to-day schedule and stress you and your family out. If you find these insects in your home, you don’t want another night with them! Our same-day and next-day service enable you to get professional help on your time. Don’t wait to call Connor’s Pest Pros for fast bed bug removal in DC!

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